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Black People Don’t Drink Coffee

Jim Goad,  Taki’s Magazine

Black people don’t drink coffee. There—I’ve said it. Continue reading

Video: Impassioned Rubio Tears into Obama Over Israel Hostility

Guy Benson,  Townhall

Stop what you’re doing, take 15 minutes, and watch the speech Marco Rubio delivered on the Senate floor last evening. Continue reading

Fatal gun attack on Swedish restaurant

Gunmen burst into a restaurant and opened fire in the southern Swedish city of Gothenburg late Wednesday, police said. Continue reading

Most Transparent Administration in History To Scrap Executive Office FOIA Requirements [Video]

Katie Pavlich,  Towhall

The most transparent administration in U.S. history is preparing to exempt a key White House office from Freedom of Information Act requests thanks to Bush administration precedent. More from The Hill: Continue reading

Obama’s war request runs into a brick wall

Justin Sink and Kristina Wong,  The Hill

President Obama’s request that Congress authorize military action against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was met with skepticism from both parties on Wednesday, raising questions about Capitol Hill’s ability to pass a war measure. Continue reading

Obama goes quiet on Boko Haram

Brian Hughes,  Washington Examiner

It started with a groundswell of support and an appeal to “Bring Back Our Girls.” Continue reading

Krauthammer: ‘Stunned’ At Obama’s ‘Banal,’ ‘Offensive’ Prayer Breakfast Remarks [VIDEO]

Al Weaver,  The Daily Caller

With the Jordan/ISIS conflict ready to come to a crescendo at any moment, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed President Barack Obama’s speech before the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday. Continue reading

The show must go on: CNN interview takes a painfully awkward turn [VIDEO]

T. Becket Adams,  Washington Examiner

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin was forced to carry on an awkward interview Wednesday afternoon after her guest, actor Jay Thomas, joked about pro-North Korea operatives assassinating embattled actors James Franco and Seth Rogen. Continue reading

What Really Caused Oil Prices to Plunge So Far — So Quickly [VIDEO]

John Licata,  The Street

The 35% drop in oil prices this fall has been breathtaking. No one — not even energy experts — expected prices to fall this far, this quickly. And the slide doesn’t seem to be over. Continue reading

Amsterdam Light Festival time-lapse [VIDEO]

Travel,  The Telegraph

Watch contemporary art installations along Amsterdam’s canals and bridges flicker and fade as part of the city’s festival of light. Continue reading