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ISIS and the Logic of Shock

Simon Cottee,  The Atlantic

Why each Islamic State video is more horrifying than the last. Continue reading


Nicholas Vinocur and Antony Paone,  The Washington Free Beacon

Hooded gunmen stormed the Paris offices of a weekly satirical magazine known for lampooning radical Islam, killing at least 12 people, including two police officers in the worst militant attack on French soil in recent decades. Continue reading

‘Lone Wolf’ or ‘Known Wolf’? The Ongoing Counter-Terrorism Failure

by Patrick Poole, PJ Media

Katie Gorka of the Council on Global Security has released an important report, “The Flawed Science Behind America’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy,” and events of this week show that it couldn’t be more timely. Continue reading

How Does Islam Determine What Is ‘Islamic’?

by Raymond Ibrahim,  PJ Media

What relationship does the Islamic State, ISIS, have to Islam? Almost every Western politician answers: “Absolutely nothing.” President Obama adamantly stated in a televised address that the Islamic State “is not Islamic.”  Continue reading

Robert Spencer in FrontPage Mag: The Diversity of Islam? A Response to Nicholas Kristof

by Robert Spencer,  Jihad Watch

In FrontPage today I respond to Nicholas Kristof’s bizarre recent column in the New York Times about the glories of Islam. Kristof, of course, will not see this or respond to it in any way if he does — or to any other critique of his column by anyone else who doesn’t share his world view. Continue reading

Terror Threat on the Southwest Border

by Matthew Ernst,  American Thinker

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, recently spoke out about rumors that ISIS fighters had been apprehended on the U.S./ Mexico border.  Continue reading

Islamic State Grooms Chechen Fighters Against Putin

by Michael Winfrey,  Bloomberg

When the Islamic State commander known as “Omar the Chechen” called to tell his father they’d routed the Iraqi army and taken the city of Mosul, he added a stark message: Russia would be next.  Continue reading

FBI Asks Americans to Help ID Masked ISIS Murderer

by Cathy Burke,  Newsmax

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wants the public’s help in identifying a merciless masked militant with a “North American accent” who appears to help execute Syrian soldiers in a barbaric Islamic State group (ISIS) recruitment video. Continue reading

Imam of Boston Marathon jihadis’ mosque apologizes to Islamic State

by Robert Spencer,  Jihad Watch

The vaunted “moderate” Webb, a darling of the Boston media, has dismissed secularism as a “radical lunatic ideology,” Continue reading

Oklahoma Terror and Gun Control

by Jonathon F. Keiler,  American Thinker

The horrible murder and beheading of an innocent woman in Oklahoma, committed by a recent Muslim convert, is being studiously ignored by the mainstream media.  Continue reading