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McCain’s big purge

by Alex Isenstadt,  Politico

Nearly a year ago, tea party agitators in Arizona managed to get John McCain censured by his own state party. Now, he’s getting his revenge. Continue reading

Exclusive: Former IRS Information Tech Worker Doubts Agency’s Claim to have ‘Lost’ Lerner’s Emails

Bryan Preston,  PJMedia

Hardly anyone accepts the IRS’ claim to have lost two years of Lois Lerner’s emails. Those most familiar with government record retention requirements, and the technology used, probably are the most skeptical. Continue reading

Judicial Watch Obtains New Documents Showing IRS Targeting Came Directly From Washington D.C.

Katie Pavlich,  Townhall

New documents obtained and released through a Judicial Watch lawsuit show the targeting of tea party and conservative groups came directly out of Washington D.C., not a rogue IRS office in Cincinnati. Continue reading

Why Would a Racist Vote Democrat?

Walter Hudson,  PJ Media

As a black man active in Republican politics, I find it noteworthy that I never feel excluded or stigmatized by other Republicans on account of my race. Continue reading

Omission Outrage! Big Three Networks Censor Huge IRS Scandal Developments


At this point it might take a dead body to get the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks to give the IRS-Tea Party scandal any sort of real coverage.

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The Government We Deserve





Derek Hunter,  Townhall

As the media ignores the delays and waivers President Obama and his magic pen have imposed upon the country for this settled law called Obamacare, there are more troubles brewing in the fight to restore liberty.

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The Jihad of Liberalism


David S. Whitley,  American Thinker

In Islamic countries we often hear of the three choices offered the non-Muslim, the kafir, the infidel.   Three choices beginning with convert, pay the jizya poll tax and become a third class citizen or die.   Liberals often employ this same Jihadists tactic with non-liberals.

It is my experience that liberals are far more than simply gullible or ignorant.  Their world view is one of self-deception and self-loathing.  They are political and historical masochists.  They feel so ashamed at the generosity, wisdom, beauty, and success of Western civilization that they have trained themselves to process everything through the prism of masochism.  They are truly Ameriphobic.

This perverted viewpoint allows them to look upon American slavery as the worst of all sins ever committed.   While that period of American history is certainly abhorrent, the liberals were never taught that the slave trade was possible only because of Islamic conquest in the Middle East, Persia, Asia and Africa, and its heavy emphasis on the slave trade.   This human trafficking is what helped pay for the jihad of conquest that fueled the spread of Islam.

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House Oversight Committee Releases Lois Lerner Report


Darrell Issa’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued a staff report Tuesday aimed squarely at Lois Lerner and her involvement in the IRS targeting of conservative groups. The report suggests Lerner misled Congress in four instances and attempted to downplay the inappropriate targeting after it came to light.

The report says Lerner was concerned about the political implications of allowing 501(c)(4) groups to spend money on election related activity in the wake of the Citizens United decision. The Oversight Committee report concludes that Lerner was involved in three separate efforts to curb such spending. From the report’s conclusion:

Evidence indicates Lerner and her Exempt Organizations unit took a three pronged approach to “do something about it” to “fix the problem” of nonprofit political speech:

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Big business takes on tea party, gently


Anna Palmer,  POLITICO

Big Business swore this would be the year it would wrestle back the soul of the Republican Party from the grip of the tea party.

No more Todd Akins. No more government shutdowns. And no more third-party groups running roughshod over the Washington agenda.

But with primary season looming, the big threats from Big Business appear to be just that.

“They can turn, but they can’t turn quickly,” explained veteran K Streeter Denise Bode, who said business is like an aircraft carrier. “The business community, in general, tends to not make big shifts.”

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Democrats Unleash the IRS Tyrant


Karin McQuillan,  American Thinker

Lois Lerner did not flinch from using the IRS to persecute conservative citizens groups and corrupt the 2012 election.  Once again she has taken the Fifth rather than come clean to Congress about what the IRS did to squelch the Tea Party and others, and who ordered it.  President Obama brazenly lies to Bill O’Reilly’s face and says there’s not a smidgeon of scandal.  This is an unrepentant crew. Obama is channeling Clinton’s famous hair-splitting on whether oral sex is sex.  It all depends how you define scandal.  Since Democrats believe they have the right to use the IRS to persecute political opponents, perhaps in Obama’s eyes, there is no scandal.

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