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Donetsk pro-Russian rebels reeling after airport defeat

by Sabra Ayres, al Jazeera

DONETSK, Ukraine — The masked separatist fighter standing outside the morgue of Kalinina hospital was visibly agitated as he clutched his automatic rifle and recalled how 30 of his colleagues died earlier on Tuesday morning after hours of battling the Ukrainian military.

“They were the wounded being taken off the battlefield when the fascists fired down on their truck,” said the man, who refused to give his name or take off the ski mask hiding his face. His claims could not be independently verified.

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Showdown in Ukraine: Putin vs. Comrade Wolf

Mike Whitney, OpEdNews

“Comrade Wolf knows who to eat, and he eats without listening to anyone.” ~~ Russian President Vladimir Putin, referring to the United States Continue reading

Noam Chomsky | Red Lines in Ukraine and Elsewhere

Noam Chomsky,  Truthout

The current Ukraine crisis is serious and threatening, so much so that some commentators even compare it to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Continue reading

After Crimea: What Putin might do next


Howard LaFranchi,  The Christian Science Monitor

It was a pound-the-shoe moment reminiscent of an era many thought long past. A Russian television anchor with close ties to the Kremlin recently excoriated the American response to Moscow’s moves in Ukraine.

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‘Ambassador, dear, you are lying’

Brussels Main Square

Brussels Main Square

John F. Harris, POLITICO

President Barack Obama arrives Tuesday in the capital of Europe, a city of frameworks and furrowed brows, of multilateral dialogue and expressions of grave concern, where the locals speak French.

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Russia kicked out of G8, Putin rehabilitates Stalin

stalin  John Aravosis,  AMERICA blog

In today’s “they’re back” news, Russia was kicked out of the G8 today, while Russian President Vladimir Putin has been trying to rehabilitate the image of former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Stalin killed, by conservative estimates, four to ten million Russians during his tenure (some estimates go as high as 60 million killed)First the G8, I mean G7

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The “Shoot First, Think Later” Award


Look no further than the week’s headlines. The Russian strongman—often photographed as such, shirtless in the Russian wilderness—shrugged off the threat of sanctions and diplomatic isolation when he annexed Crimea, a region of Ukraine, this week.

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Russia Will Never Be Like Us

putpr  Anne Applebaum,  Slate

There have been high moments: Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, locked in a bear hug; George W. Bush looking into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and seeing “a sense of his soul”; Hillary Clinton pressing the “reset button.” There have been some very low moments, too. But for more than 20 years of Russian independence, a single narrative about Russia in the West has nevertheless prevailed.

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Putin issues veiled threat against NATO-member Estonia


John Aravosis,  AMERICA blog

Russian President Vladimir Putin just upped the ante significantly today by issuing what I’d consider a veiled threat against NATO-member Estonia.

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Vladimir Putin and the Lessons of 1938

putinHitler    Garry Kasparov,  POLITICO MAGAZINE

It’s been a busy few weeks for Vladimir Putin. In the last month, the Russian president has hosted the Olympic Games, invaded a neighboring country and massed troops along its border. Back in Moscow, the Kremlin has cranked up the volume of hysterical anti-Western propaganda to a roar while cracking down on the last vestiges of the free media.

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