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Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina Abortion Restrictions

by Newsmax

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a bid by the state of North Carolina to revive its law requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound of the fetus performed and described to them.

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The Mirage of the USA Freedom Act Protecting American’s 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights

by Dave LefCourt, OpEdNews

If anyone believes this new “USA Freedom Act”, just signed into law by President Obama who said, “enactment of this legislation will strengthen civil liberty safeguards and provide greater public confidence in these programs”- which prohibits the NSA from bulk collection of American’s phone records whose storage now shifts to the phone companies-is somehow going to curtail the illegal surveillance activities of the “agency” is in la la land. It’s all a mirage. Continue reading

DEA eavesdropping tripled, bypassed federal courts

by Brad Heath,  USA Today

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration more than tripled its use of wiretaps and other types of electronic eavesdropping over the past decade, largely bypassing federal courts and Justice Department lawyers in the process, newly obtained records show. Continue reading

A reminder that your Instagram photos aren’t really yours: Someone else can sell them for $90,000

by Jessica Contrera,  The Washington Post

The Internet is the place where nothing goes to die. Continue reading

Government monitoring every aspect of your life?

Greg Corombos,  WND

Police around the country are using more and more technologies to monitor Americans in their homes, often without probable cause, and privacy advocates warn Americans are on the verge of losing all privacy from their local governments.

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Our devices are listening to us all the time — but do we care?

by Donna Tam and Nick Statt,  CNET

Go to the website for Amazon’s newest product, a virtual assistant, and you’ll read about many features: built-in speakers, seven microphones for capturing your voice, and a brain in the cloud that will get smarter over time as it listens to you. Continue reading

Privacy Group Wins Court Ruling Against FBI’s Facial-Recognition Technology

by Dustin Volz,  National Journal

A federal judge has ruled that the FBI’s futuristic facial-recognition database is deserving of scrutiny from open-government advocates because of the size and scope of the surveillance technology. Continue reading

Researcher makes the case for DDOS attacks

by Larry Seltzer,  Zero Day

To some people, a political mission matters more than anything, including your rights. Such people (the Bolsheviks come to mind) have caused a great deal of damage and suffering throughout history, especially in the last 100 years or so. Now they’re taking their mission online. You better not get in their way. Continue reading

Stanford Promises Not to Use Google Money for Privacy Research

by Julia Angwin and Robert Faturechi,  ProPublica

This story was co-published with Mashable.

Stanford University recently declared that it will not use money from Google to fund privacy research….. Continue reading

With Confirmation of CIA Spying on Senate, It Is Time for Serious Oversight

by John Nichols,  The Nation

With due respect to congressional Republicans who want to hold President Obama to account for supposedly exceeding his executive authority, and to congressional Democrats who want to hold House Republicans to account for failing to live up to their legislative responsibilities, members of both parties should be focusing now on the question of how to hold the Central Intelligence Agency to account.  Continue reading