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“Rat Park” and the Vietnam War

by Chris Campbell,  Laissez Faire

“Cops in Santa Ana, California,” Reason magazine’s blog reports, “donned ski masks to break and enter into a local medical marijuana dispensary, raiding it with guns drawn in a May 27 police action. Continue reading

This Black Driver Was Stopped by a White Cop. What Happened Next Had Him Pulling Over to Record This Message.

by Zach Noble,  The Blaze

In a video posted to LiveLeak Friday, a young black man behind the wheel of his car tells of being pulled over by a police officer. Continue reading

Hasn’t Al Sharpton Heard of Waco?

by Jack Cashill,  American Thinker

“There must be national policy and national law on policing,” Al Sharpton said at the kickoff of his National Action Network’s annual convention last week. Continue reading

These Police Tactics Are Threatening Your Civil Liberties

by A. Barton Hinkle,  Reason

You can’t blame police departments if they feel a trifle besieged these days. But police departments cannot blame anyone but themselves for that circumstance. Continue reading

‘Let’s put away the toys, boys’: Ferguson spotlights police militarization

by Naureen Khan,  Aljazeera

Canisters of tear gas thrown indiscriminately into crowds, armored vehicles rolling through city streets and men in camouflage wielding machine guns — it seems like a scene from Fallujah or Kabul or perhaps from the dark days of the U.S. civil rights movement.  Continue reading