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John Bolton underestimates Obama

by Carol Brown,  American Thinker

On Fox News Sunday, John Bolton said we’re losing the war against ISIS because the Obama administration is “blinded by their own ideology.” Continue reading

Video: Impassioned Rubio Tears into Obama Over Israel Hostility

Guy Benson,  Townhall

Stop what you’re doing, take 15 minutes, and watch the speech Marco Rubio delivered on the Senate floor last evening. Continue reading

Netanyahu’s Victory and Obama’s Response

Michael Curtis,  American Thinker

A saying attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt is that small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas. Continue reading

Was Giuliani the First to Use The F Word (as in ‘Frank’)?

by Jack Cashill,  American Thinker

Thankfully, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani shows no sign of backing down. To reinforce his claim that Obama did not “love this country,” Giuliani explained his thinking to the New York Daily News. Continue reading

White House, Citing Israeli Election, Says Obama and Netanyahu Won’t Meet

,  The New York Times

President Obama will not meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel when he travels to Washington in March to address a joint session of Congress, the White House said on Thursday, citing a policy against receiving foreign leaders close to their elections. Continue reading

How to Rebuke a President

Jay Cost,  The Weekly Standard

For responding to a president who defies his constitutional limits, Congress is said to possess four powers: to impeach, to defund, to investigate, and to withhold confirmation of nominees. Continue reading

Obama, the virtuoso manager

by  Caroline B. Glick,  Jewish World Review

Since he assumed office nearly six years ago, US President Barack Obama has been dogged by allegations of managerial incompetence. Obama, his critics allege, had no managerial experience before he was elected. His lack of such experience, they claim, is reflected in what they see as his incompetent handling of the challenges of the presidency.
Continue reading

Exclusive: Obama Administration Quietly Prepares ‘Surge’ Of Millions Of New Immigrant IDs

by Jonathon Strong, Breitbart

Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun.

Continue reading

The Forever-War President: Obama’s ‘Transformational’ War Powers Legacy

by Gene Healy,  Cato Institute

In May 2013, some 11 years into the War on Terror, President Obama took a break from reviewing target sets and kill lists to deliver a much-anticipated “drone speech”  Continue reading

Washington Is Destroying The World

by Paul Craig Roberts,  OpEdNews

The aggressive and mindless stance that Washington’s warmongers have taken toward Russia and China have shattered the accomplishment of Reagan and Gorbachev.  Continue reading