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Beyond Benghazi: Hillary, Sid and Libya

by Michael Hirsh and Jeff Bartholet,  Politico

illary Clinton tried to turn the page over the weekend. Continue reading

The panic that dare not speak its name: Hillary looks like a loser to Dems

by Thomas Lifson,  American Thinker

No Democrats are willing to go on the record with their doubts about Hillary Clinton’s electability – not even the gaggle of hopeless, sad-sack nominal opponents for the nomination: Lincoln “metric system” Chafee, Bernie “socialism now!” Sanders, and Martin “the guy who taxed rain” O’Malley.  But a shocking potential rival is waiting in the wings. Continue reading

Why Hillary Clinton is upside down

by Jonathon Allen,  Vox

Last Thursday, senior officials on Hillary Clinton’s campaign insisted she hadn’t been distracted or damaged by reports about the Clinton Foundation’s operations or revelations that she kept her State Department email on a private server and then destroyed some of the records. Continue reading

The Real Story of Benghazi

by Michael Morell,  Politico

On September 11, 2012, I was in Amman, Jordan, part of my routine international visits as deputy director of the CIA. Continue reading

Full picture of Clinton charities’ foreign government funding remains elusive

by Jonathan Allen,  Reuters

The Clinton Foundation has acknowledged that the government funding totals omitted from their tax returns cannot be found on their website either, despite the foundation’s acting chief executive officer earlier suggesting they were available there. Continue reading

The Hill-Billy Cash Pump

by Janet Tassel,  American Thinker

Read the story.

My Travels on the Clinton Conspiracy Trail

by Tim Murphy,  Mother Jones

I met Larry Nichols, the self-described smut king of Arkansas, at a breakfast joint in Conway, not far from the spot where he claims Bill Clinton loyalists once fired on him and a reporter for London’s Sunday Telegraph. Continue reading

Why is Trey Gowdy allowing Hillary to testify behind closed doors?

by Thomas Lifson,  American Thinker

When it was announced that Hillary Clinton was being asked to testify behind closed doors to Trey Gowdy’s committee investigating Benghazi, I assumed the veteran prosecutor had a strategy.  Continue reading

Hillary’s criminal liability in the e-mail scandal

by Thomas LIfson,  American Thinker

Shannen W. Coffin, a lawyer who was formerly counsel to VP Dick Cheney, has delved into the detailed legalities of State Department officials and their records and believes that Hillary Clinton may well have committed at least one felony when she departed her position as secretary of state while keeping possession of her entire e-mail correspondence. Continue reading

Embattled Hillary Clinton urges State Department to release emails

by Steve Holland,  Reuters

U.S. Democrat Hillary Clinton on Wednesday broke her silence over a budding controversy involving her use of personal email for work when she was secretary of state, saying she wanted the U.S. State Department to release them swiftly. Continue reading