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Redefining “Hate” as “Terrorism”

by Jim Goad,  Taki’s Magazine

Amid all the empty, gaseous, fear-mongering bullshit we constantly hear about “terrorism,” lost is the fact that what were arguably that USA’s first anti-terrorist laws were designed to crush the KKK in the South during Reconstruction. Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo in the Dock

by Jacob Sullum,  Reason

On Sunday, as more than a million people marched through the streets of Paris in support of the right to draw cartoons without being murdered, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication declared that “artistic freedom and freedom of expression stand firm and unflinching at the heart of our common European values.” Continue reading

Academic freedom for me, but not for thee

by Rick Moran,  American Thinker

Two interesting examples of “academic freedom” – at least how it’s defined by leftist universities. Continue reading

Dutch rightist politician quits over anti-Moroccan chants



Anthony Deutsch and Thomas Escritt,  Reuters


A parliamentarian for the Dutch hard-right Freedom Party resigned from the party on Thursday amid uproar over the way leader Geert Wilders led supporters in racist chants against Moroccans during an election night rally. Wilders’ eurosceptic, anti-Islam Freedom Party made huge gains in municipal elections on Wednesday, and polls suggest it will become the largest Dutch party in the European assembly in elections in May.

Continue reading