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Judge orders Brady Center to pay legal fees of gun dealer it sued

by Thomas Lifson,  American Thinker

It is all too rare that those who file a frivolous lawsuit undertaken for questionable reasons are forced to pay the legal fees of those whom they sue.  Continue reading

Vince Vaughn on guns: ‘Banning guns is like banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat’

by Rick Moran,  American Thinker

Some very strong, very welcome statements on Second Amendment rights from actor Vince Vaughn.  Continue reading

Why Gun Control Groups Have Moved Away from an Assault Weapons Ban

by Lois Beckett, ProPublica

The morning after the Sandy Hook shootings, Shannon Watts, a mother of five and a former public relations executive, started a Facebook page called “One Million Moms for Gun Control.” Continue reading

Dr. Carson’s prescription for gun control [VIDEO]


John Hayward,  Red State

Dr. Ben Carson came in third on the CPAC straw poll for president, making him the not-Paul not-Cruz winner.  Not to sound flippant, but that’s a significant position, since the top two spots were pretty much pre-ordained.  Run through a mental list of all the folks Dr. Carson beat out for that bronze medal, and you can see why it matters, even if you don’t place a huge amount of faith in straw polls this far out from the election.

The thing is, we’re really not that far out from the election, not for any candidate who wants to get serious.  In fact, the hour is growing late.  Presidential campaigns are massive undertakings.  Hopefully the 2012 race permanently shattered the illusion of an outsider sweeping in from nowhere, whirling across the ballroom floor to pick up the nomination, and gliding smoothly into the White House.  It doesn’t work that way.  It will never work that way.  Assembling money and support for a winning bid is serious business indeed.  Even if the candidate has a skeleton-free closet and a natural gift for avoiding self-destructive mistakes on the campaign trail, the resources to sustain fifty-state campaigns in both primaries and the general election take years to assemble.  Not even Mitt Romney did it right, and he got started very early in the game, bringing both personal wealth and formidable management skills to the task.  (Let us not dwell on what happened to those formidable management skills when it came time to assemble his campaign apparatus.  The important lesson here is that 2014 is actually very late in the game for anyone to lay the groundwork for a 2016 bid.)

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Twenty-Four Reasons to Own High-Capacity Magazines


Frances Xavier Mingo, Mountain Finch Post

No prelude here. The reasons speak for themselves. 1) Not every one has good aim and a few extra rounds ensure a predator is hit. [1]  2) Even people with supposed good aim find, in a “split-decision, throw-down, adrenaline-pumped situation,” that they will rapidly expend rounds without even knowing it. If bullets are flying back, you can’t afford an empty magazine. [2]

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