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Punishing ‘climate change deniers’

by Thomas Lifson,  American Thinker

Failing to convince the public that global warming, is and urgent cause for concern, hysterical fear-mongers are turning to the armory of tyrants, and demanding punishment for those they call “deniers,” consciously inking Holocaust denial. Continue reading

Cause of Pause in Global Warming

by S. Fred Singer,  American Thinker

There has been essentially no global warming since 1998.  Some would choose 1997, others would more conservatively use 2002 as the proper starting date, based on satellite data.  Continue reading

Scientific American Needs to Do a Better Job at Communicating Science

by Sierra Rayne,  American Thinker

A report in Scientific American discusses summer heat in Madison, Wisconsin: Continue reading

A Dose of Climate Reality for Maine

by Sierra Rayne,  American Thinker

A recent article in The Boston Globe describes the impacts of climate change on Maine, where apparently “heat waves, more powerful storms, and rising seas are increasingly transforming” the state.

Heat waves?  That’s odd, since there has been no significant trend in the state’s average maximum temperature during the summer months since 1970. Continue reading