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Figuring Out Fracking Wastewater

by Celia Henry Arnaud,  Chemical & Engineering News

Almost 3 million gallons of concentrated salt water leaked in early January from a ruptured pipeline at a natural gas drilling site near Williston, N.D. The brine, a by-product of the oil and gas extraction method

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Environmental groups sue EPA

by Jamie Smith Hopkins,  The Center for Public Integrity

The way environmental groups see it, there’s a gaping hole in what the public knows about toxic chemicals released into communities. Continue reading

One-stop science shop has become a favorite of industry—and Texas

by Rosalind Adams,  The Center for Public Integrity

Michael Dourson left the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 20 years ago to start a nonprofit consulting firm that—unlike the federal government—would move swiftly to evaluate chemical hazards. Continue reading

Oil’s Offshore Oddball

by Christopher Helman,  Forbes

As the price of oil drops, America’s shale frackers are running scared. But upstart Venari Resources is sitting pretty thanks to deepwater finds in the Gulf of Mexico that should still turn a profit at $60 a barrel. Continue reading

When fracking and free speech collide

by Peter Moskowitz,  Aljazeera

What started as a short YouTube video and a couple of local news interviews about a Texas landowner being able to light his water on fire has ballooned into a free speech fight that’s being closely watched by anti-fracking activists across the country.  Continue reading

New York State of Fracking: A ProPublica Explainer

by Naveena Sadasivam, ProPublica

New York is one of a handful of states around the country that currently has at least temporarily halted fracking. Since 2008, when the state was first confronted with interest in gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing by energy companies, towns have banned the practice, the state has undertaken environmental and health studies, courts have issued rulings on fracking and concerns have been raised about the state’s pristine water supply. Continue reading

California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers

by Abraham Lustgarten, ProPublica

State’s drought has forced farmers to rely on groundwater, even as California aquifers have been intentionally polluted due to exemptions for oil industry. Continue reading

Texas fracking verdict puts industry on notice about toxic air emissions

by David Hasemyer,  The Center for Public Integrity

Between February 2010 and July 2011, Lisa and Bob Parr filed 13 complaints about air pollution from gas and oil operations near their ranch in Wise County, Texas. Sometimes they had trouble breathing, they told the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). They also experienced nausea, nosebleeds, ringing ears and rashes.

Other families were also alarmed. Between 2008 and 2011, the TCEQ received 77 complaints from Wise County, in the Barnett Shale drilling area in North Texas. One said the odor was so powerful that the complainant “couldn’t go outside,” according to the TCEQ report.

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In Fracking Fight, a Worry About How Best to Measure Health Threats

Southwestern Energy Gives Tour During Fracking Stimulation

Naveena Sadasivam,  PRO PUBLICA

There are more than 6,000 active gas wells in Pennsylvania. And every week, those drilling sites generate scores of complaints from the state’s residents, including many about terrible odors and contaminated water.

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An Injunction Against the First Amendment

firstAmendment  Walter Brasch,  OpEdNews

Vera Scroggins of Susquehanna County, Pa., will be in court, Monday morning.This time, she will have lawyers and hundreds of thousands of supporters throughout the country. Representing Scroggins to vacate an injunction limiting her travel will be lawyers from the ACLU and Public Citizen, and a private attorney. Continue reading