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U.S. economy stalls in first quarter

by Sean Higgins,  Washington Examiner

The U.S. economy stalled in the first quarter, expanding by just 0.2 percent, hurt by weak exports and a drop in business investment, according to a report released Wednesday by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis. Continue reading

Monetary Stimulus Creates Only Pseudo Wealth

by James A. Dorn,  Cato Institute

The European Central Bank’s decision to follow the Federal Reserve’s footsteps and embark on a massive program of quantitative easing to lower interest rates, encourage risk and inflate asset prices seems to be working for the moment. Continue reading

Rand Paul Draws Liberal Fire As The Left Discovers Its Inner Love Of The Fed, Part Two

by Ralph Benko,  Forbes

Sen. Rand Paul is drawing liberal fire from many left wing commentators, now including Prof. Paul Krugman.  Many of the criticisms are badly off base. Continue reading

Rand Paul Draws Liberal Fire As The Left Discovers Its Inner Love Of The Fed, Part One

by Ralph Benko, Forbes

The New Republic, in its February 8th issue, carries an article by Danny Vinik entitled Rand Paul Has the Most Dangerous Economic Views of Any 2016 CandidateIt appears that TNR’s fact checkers decamped along with its top journalists. Continue reading

Janet Yellen Is Freaking Out About “Audit The Fed” – Here Are 100 Reasons Why She Should Be

by Tyler Durden,  Zero Hedge

Janet Yellen is very alarmed that some members of Congress want to conduct a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve for the first time since it was created.  If the Fed is doing everything correctly, why should Yellen be alarmed?  What does she have to hide? Continue reading

Exclusive: Local bankers emerge as Fed ally in fight against audit bill

by Jonathon Spicer,  Reuters

Local bankers are joining the fight against a congressional proposal to audit the U.S. Federal Reserve’s policy decisions, with more expected to lobby against the bill if it gains traction in Washington. Continue reading

High-Level Fed Committee Overruled Carmen Segarra’s Finding on Goldman

by Jake Bernstein,  ProPublica

A committee that includes senior Federal Reserve officials reviewed and overturned a bank examiner’s finding that Goldman Sachs lacked a firm-wide policy to prevent conflicts of interest, according to a top Fed official. Continue reading

Leak at Federal Reserve Revealed Confidential Bond-Buying Details

by Jake Bernstein,  ProPublica

The Federal Reserve sprung a previously unreported leak in October 2012, when potentially market-moving information about highly confidential monetary deliberations made its way into a financial analyst’s private newsletter. Continue reading

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

by Michael Lewis,  Bloomberg

Probably most people would agree that the people paid by the U.S. government to regulate Wall Street have had their difficulties. Continue reading