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Supreme Court Tosses Conviction for Facebook Threat

by The Center for Individual Rights

In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court threw out the conviction of Pennsylvania resident Anthony Elonis, who was prosecuted and was serving a prison sentence for posting rap lyrics on his Facebook page that his ex-wife found threatening. Continue reading

A reminder that your Instagram photos aren’t really yours: Someone else can sell them for $90,000

by Jessica Contrera,  The Washington Post

The Internet is the place where nothing goes to die. Continue reading

Election 2016: How to filter politically sanctimonious Facebook posts from your news feed

by Jason Perlow,  ZDNet

I love my Facebook friends. I do, I really do. Many of my Facebook friends are people who I’ve had real or virtual relationships with for over a decade, some even much longer. Continue reading

Life in the Crosshairs – How Some Public Feminists, Atheists and Other Activists Cope With Death Threats

Valerie Tarico,  truthout

More than twenty years have passed, but Jonathan Hutson still vividly remembers one specific day during his stint as editor of a New Hampshire weekly. Continue reading

Nets instantly jumped on GOP Hill aide story; ignored Gruber flap for days

T. Becket Adams,  Washington Examiner

News of an obscure GOP Hill staffer’s resignation was quickly covered by the big three networks Monday, but days had passed before they began reporting the Jonathan Gruber scandal. Continue reading

The Affordable Care Act’s Embarrassing Moment of Tooth

Russell Berman,  The Atlantic

It turns out the Affordable Care Act didn’t meet its first-year goal of enrolling 7 million Americans in private insurance plans after all. Continue reading

‘SHARIA LAW IS COMING!!!!’ Oklahoma Beheader Celebrated Terrorists, Disparaged Non-Muslims On Facebook

Patrick Howley,  The Daily Caller

Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Alexander Nolen calls himself “Jah’Keem Yisrael” on his Facebook page, where he uploaded photos of himself reading the Koran and wearing Muslim religious clothing. Continue reading

Facebook: Unethical, untrustworthy, and now downright harmful

Violet Blue for Pulp Tech,  ZDNet

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from zombie movies, it’s that when the word “contagion” is associated with humans getting experimented on without their knowledge at the hands of a cold, massive corporation — things never end well. Continue reading

A Patent Surfaces Detailing a Facebook Smartphone

NICK BILTON,  The New York Times

Over the last several years, there have been dozens of reports about Facebook building a smartphone. Continue reading

The True Legacy of Matthew Shepard

Chad Felix Greene,  American Thinker

It has been almost 15 years since Matthew Shepard was murdered.  I was in high school and I still remember the unnerving awareness that being gay was now linked directly with being a victim. Continue reading