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Taking Shots at Ebola

Molly Sharlach,  The Scientist

A small biotech company in Atlanta, GeoVax has been making slow but steady progress on an HIV vaccine since 2001. Continue reading

Canada’s Ebola Ban is Not Xenophobic

by Sierra Rayne,  American Thinker

The media fallout from Canada’s Ebola-related travel restrictions continues. On October 31, the Canadian government instituted the following measures: Continue reading

Operation Dark Winter: the Bioterrorist Taste Test

by Chris Campbell,  Laissez Faire

As you may know, Dr. Michael Osterholm was the keynote speaker at the Ebola symposium we visited recently. Continue reading

Searching for the next Ebola in the Congo Basin

by Elaisha Stokes, AlJazeera

KISANGANI, Democratic Republic of Congo — At a crowded stall hidden deep in the the city’s central market, a group of women hover over charred pieces of meat. Continue reading

These Three Ebola Bombshells Change Everything

by Chris Campbell,  Laissez Faire

As you probably know by now, another Texas nurse has been infected.

Her name is Amber Vinson. She helped treat Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who fled to America after coming into contact with the virus. Continue reading

Ebola Spreads Through Droplets in the Air


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Sunday that a nurse at a Dallas hospital who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from Ebola last week, was the first person to become infected with the virus on U. S. soil. Continue reading

The Facts About Ebola Funding

by Gov. Bobby Jindal,  PoliticoMagazine

Yet another American has contracted Ebola, a grim reminder of just how important it is that our public health systems function at the highest possible level. Unfortunately, much of the rhetoric about this deadly disease is misleading, if not dishonest. Continue reading

President Obama Already Has An Ebola Czar. Where Is She?

by Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

As the Ebola situation in West Africa continues to deteriorate, some U.S. officials are claiming that they would have been able to better deal with the public health threat if only they had more money.

Continue reading

Nurses union: Ebola hospital, health care workers, not prepared to deal with the virus

by Rick Moran, American Thinker

A nurses union said that their interviews with non-union nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas reveal a startling series of errors and lies that show the hospital was woefully unprepared to treat Ebola patient Thomas Duncan. Continue reading

Knowledge Gaps and Nervousness

Boer Deng,  Slate

On Oct. 12, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first case of Ebola transmission in the United States. Continue reading