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Forget sanctions, arm Ukraine

Neil Seeman and Laurie Ann Mylroie,  Washington Examiner

Economic sanctions are not stopping Russia’s assault on Ukraine, and the West’s feeble response may well encourage Russian aggression elsewhere. Continue reading

Russia may achieve goals without Ukraine invasion: NATO commander

Thomson Reuters,  CBC News

NATO’s top military commander in Europe said on Monday he no longer thought regular Russian troops would enter eastern Ukraine, predicting Moscow could achieve its goals through the unconventional forces stirring up trouble there. Continue reading

Pro-Russian separatists proclaim independent republic in eastern Ukraine

Nighttime in Donetsk

Nighttime in Donetsk


Pro-Russian separatists who seized a provincial administration building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Monday proclaimed the region an independent republic. The move, denounced by acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchinov, echoed the run-up to Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

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Pickle Boy Steps Up: Dill, Sweet, or Kosher?



Now, about this Crimea thing: What I figure is, the top part of the Feddle Gummint got dropped on its head when it was little, and the rest is just asleep, or might as well be.

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The “Shoot First, Think Later” Award


Look no further than the week’s headlines. The Russian strongman—often photographed as such, shirtless in the Russian wilderness—shrugged off the threat of sanctions and diplomatic isolation when he annexed Crimea, a region of Ukraine, this week.

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WaPo: ‘Obama doesn’t grasp Putin’s Eurasian ambitions’




Rick Moran,  The American Thinker

An editorial in the Washington Post exposes the Obama administration as the naive claque they appear to be.  Western officials seem to be betting that Mr. Putin won’t dare to extend his aggression beyond Crimea. But then, just last week they were saying they did not expect Moscow to move quickly on Crimean annexation.

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For many in Crimea, ‘it’s about time’ to get closer to Russia

Crimean ballot

Crimean ballot

Sabra Ayres,  The Christian Science Monitor

Galina Patsiuk is so happy about tomorrow’s referendum vote to join the Crimean peninsula with Russia that she can hardly hold back the tears.

“It’s like a new dawn for us,” Ms. Patsiuk says, excusing her emotions as she chokes up. Standing with a small Crimean flag in her hand, Patsiuk speaks as she watches her 5-year-old daughter running around a playground next to the regional parliament building, now guarded by Russian Cossacks. “I’m so glad that we will be united again with Russia and Belarus. I’m so proud of our Cossacks and our Slavic people. I’m so happy.”

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Dangerous Times: Will Europe ever Defend Itself?


James Lewis,  American Thinker

In purely cynical geopolitical terms, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has completely outfoxed President Obama and the whole foreign policy apparatus of the West. The United States and our overfatted intelligence apparatus were caught with their pants down. The Europeans were just as badly suckered. Our National Security Agency may be able to track every email and phone call in the world, but it can’t grasp the plainly stated intentions of our obvious great power opponent, imperialistic Russia, which is now trying to reverse the breakdown of the Soviet Empire in the Cold War.

Putin has played a consistently brilliant chess game, snatching the Crimea — and soon, parts of the Ukraine — long before the West had any inkling. Even as Obama was shafting our closest allies in the Middle East, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Putin stood by Syria and Iran, his allies of convenience in that part of the world. With every East-West confrontation Obama has backed down. Now, with the collapse of Crimea without a shot being fired, Putin has finally revealed his plan.

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Kerry, Lavrov talks flounder as Crimea independence vote looms



As the United States attempts to drum up support for a United Nations Security Council draft resolution that would dismiss Sunday’s referendum on independence for Ukraine’s Crimea region as illegal, talks between Washington’s and Moscow’s top diplomats broke up on Friday with seemingly no progress on the Crimean crisis.

Speaking in London after several hours of meetings with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated that Russia would respect the result of the referendum. He added that Russia had no intention of invading eastern Ukraine, as fears mounted after Russian military exercises along the border with Ukraine.

“We will respect the expression of the will of the Crimean people in the upcoming referendum,” Lavrov told reporters, though he did not say whether Russia would annex an independent Crimea, as leaders in the Russian parliament have indicated.

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Only Americans Fear Obama


William L. Gensert,  American Thinker

Once Barack Obama warned Putin to stand down in the Crimea, its occupation by Russian troops was assured.  As Syria showed the world recently, and the Ukraine shows today, Barack Obama needs to learn how to shut his mouth.  Yet, who knew when he said, “there will be costs,” we would be the ones to pay?

To paraphrase Lincoln, it is better to shut up and be thought weak than to open your mouth and prove it.  Someone should tell Barry.  Every time his mouth writes a check his butt won’t cash, he weakens America and makes the world a much more dangerous place for everyone.  Does anyone really think that if the Chinese attack Japan over the Senkaku Islands, Obama, even though treaty-bound, will come to their aid?  If the Iranians declare they have a nuclear weapon, will Obama do one damn thing?

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