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US power on the wane in Central Asia

by Casey Michel,  al Jeezera

There would seem, at first glance, little reason for any kind of geopolitical interest in Kyrgyzstan.

A mountainous, landlocked country in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan largely lacks industry, natural resources, and energy reserves. But for years, the country has boasted one foreign credential that all other nations lacked, hosting both a Russian and US military base. Continue reading

Startling testimony of corruption and wrongdoing at EPA by IG’s office

Rick Moran,  American Thinker

Startling testimony from the EPA’s inspector general’s office about official corruption and wrongdoing at the agency moved government oversight committee chair Darrell Issa to remark that the EPA is a “broken agency.” Continue reading

A Whole Lotta Democratic Corruption Going On


Michelle Malkin,  RIGHTWING NEWS

Has Nancy Pelosi seen a newspaper lately? (Pro tip, hon: Like the Obamacare monstrosity, you have to read it to find out what’s in it.) I’d love to see her face in the wake of the veritable epidemic of Democratic corruption now sweeping the country. Pelosi’s blink count must be off the charts.

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Big political corruption arrest in California


Thomas Lifson,  American Thinker

There are encouraging signs that the very corrupt Democrat political machine in the California state legislature may be finally getting exposed, indicted, and, God willing, destroyed.

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Welcome to Hampton – the town of 477 people, 18 police and 12,700 speeding tickets






Philip Sherwell,  The Telegraph

It is an otherwise unremarkable 200 feet of two-lane highway running past the swamps and strawberry fields of northern Florida, just south of Alligator Creek, outside a speck of a town called Hampton.

But it was here that the local police chief, who doubled as a fire-and-brimstone preacher in his spare time, oversaw a notorious speed trap operation that raked in millions of dollars in fines.

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Lawyer: Woman walked in on Polk Co. judge having sex with bailiff, was fired

Ryan Raiche,  abc Action News

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has announced they’ve suspended the bailiff at the center of a sex scandal at the courthouse. PCSO says they are now conducting both administrative and criminal investigations into Bailiff James Bubba Maxcy, 37. On Wednesday, a judicial assistant in Polk County filed a complaint of discrimination with the state. During a news conference, Alisha Rupp and her lawyer, David J. Linesch told reporters she was fired after complaining of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.


Rupp, a judicial assistant for Circuit Court Judge Beth Harlan, claims she walked in on County Judge Susan Flood having sex with her bailiff, James Bubba Maxcy, on a table in Flood’s office. “I come before you today to expose this unacceptable behavior and seek justice for the wrongs committed against me,” she told a room of reporters at Linesch’s Palm Harbor law firm. Through her attorney, she claims Judge Flood and Maxcy threatened her after she walked in on them. She says Maxcy even threatened to tase her if she told anyone what she witnessed.


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Two LPD Sergeants Fired, One Resigns Amidst Sex Scandal, Disciplinary Hearings

Jeremy Maready & Matthew Pleasant,  The Ledger.com

Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack fired two sergeants Monday for their part in an unfolding sex scandal that has embroiled numerous members of the department’s sworn officers and city employees, according to the Lakeland Police Department. Another sergeant resigned before she was fired Monday for her actions in a shooting case where she caused a mistrial and mishandled evidence, according to the department.


“As of today I wanted to talk about disciplinary actions that have been taken and steps that have occurred over the last several days,” Police Chief Womack said during a news conference Monday afternoon. “Working through what is required by law for us to do and affording all of our officers their due process rights, I have come to the conclusion that disciplinary actions are warranted in the investigation of these matters.” Sgts. David Woolverton, 38, and Rusty Longaberger, 45, were fired Monday for conduct unbecoming, failure to report misconduct and neglect of duty, according to the department.


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The huge drone that could not be grounded

With large budget cuts looming in the next decade, top Air Force officials knew last year they needed to halt spending on some large and expensive programs. So they looked for a candidate that was underperforming, had busted its budget, and wasn’t vital to immediate combat needs. They soon settled on the production line for a $223 million aircraft with the wingspan of a tanker but no pilot in the cockpit, built to fly over vast terrain for a little more than a day while sending imagery and other data back to military commanders on the ground. Given the ambitious name “Global Hawk,” the aircraft had cost far more than expected, and was plagued by recurrent operating flaws and maintenance troubles. “The Block 30 [version of Global Hawk] is not operationally effective,” the Pentagon’s top testing official had declared in a blunt May 2011 report about the drones being assembled by Northrop Grumman in Palmdale, Calif.


Canceling the purchase of new Global Hawks and putting recently-built planes in long-term storage would save $2.5 billion over five years, the service projected. And the drone’s military missions could be picked up by an Air Force stalwart, the U-2 spy plane, which had room for more sensors and could fly higher.


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Recommended Books

 Recommended Books


Financial Corruption


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Government Corruption


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Science Fraud


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Political Corrupti


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