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We hope you find it simple to contribute to If you find anything confusing or difficult contact us.

Read our privacy policy. Short version: We only reveal the identity of persons using a pen name to answer a legitimate subpoena.

You can submit an article the easy way or the more difficult way.

Here is the easy way.  Prepare your article in Word.  Send your article as a Word attachment to:  We will review the subject matter of your submission and give you a yes or no answer within 48 hours.  If we decide to publish your article, we reserve the right to lightly edit your text(grammar, spelling).  DO NOT embed videos.  Provide a link in the article to any videos.

Here is the more difficult way.  If you have a account, login and go to Click on ‘Contact Us’ in the menu, and tell us that you wish to be a contributor. Also tell us the general subject and the title of the article you wish to submit. Mountain Finch Post publishes original articles that address fraud and we broadly define fraud.  If you do not have a account, go to: and create an account.

Login to your new account, go to and fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form. Tell us you wish to become a contributor. Tell us the general subject and the title of the article you wish to submit.

We will use the email address you supply in the ‘Contact Us’ form and invite you to be a contributor. This will give you the power to submit an article. Feel free to ask any question at any time. reserves the right to remove articles and to ask for revisions based on any reason whatsoever, but particularly for salacious comments, articles not containing facts, obvious distortions of the truth, and inappropriate content as defined by the editors.

Welcome to We look forward to your submission.

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