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Is World War III coming soon?

by Leo Hohmann,  WND


A growing list of commentators, politicians and religious leaders appear to sense something big, something ominous, is hiding around the corner.

Is this just foolish speculation, or are they onto something?

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Militants leave trail of destruction at Iraqi sites

by Andrew Lawler,  ScienceInsider

While inflicting misery on the people of northern Iraq, supporters of the Islamic State group have also attacked one ancient site after another in the past 2 weeks, systematically taking sledgehammers and drills to artifacts. Continue reading

CONTAGION—How a bat virus became a human killer

by Erika Fry, Fortune

By all appearances, the camel had a cold. One of nine camels kept in a barn outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the animal was sick and expelling nasal discharge. The camel’s owner did what he could to help, swabbing his own finger in vapor rub and applying it inside the dromedary’s nose.  Continue reading

The Fugitive Slave Acts of 1793 and 1850.


United States Statutes at Large

Statutes regarding refugee slaves existed in America as early as 1643 and the New England Confederation, and slave laws were later enacted in several of the 13 original colonies. Among others, New York passed a 1705 measure designed to prevent runaways from fleeing to Canada, and Virginia and Maryland drafted laws offering bounties for the capture and return of escaped slaves.

By the time of the United States Constitutional Convention in 1787, many Northern states including Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut had abolished slavery. Concerned that these new free states would become safe havens for runaway slaves, Southern politicians saw that the Constitution included a “Fugitive Slave Clause.” This stipulation (Article 4, Section 2, Clause 3) stated that, “no person held to service or labor” would be released from bondage in the event they escaped to a free state.

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More Benghazi Lies and Misdirection

Catherine Tuilerie,  Mountain Finch Post

Now the lying has really gotten out of hand.   The responsible parties are hiding behind statements that can only be deliberate and defensive lies. 


I refer here to statements that I paraphrase.


“The F-16s couldn’t have made it in time.”    “The tankers for refueling were not available.”


The first-type statement is an outright lie.  The second –type statement is 100% pure misdirection.


 What the second statement actually says is: 


“Someone decided the tankers were not available and consequently, the tankers were not available.”


There is a post on this site that outlines the air assets potentially available to respond to the Benghazi situation. 

Benghazi Air Assets


I say potentially because I do not know where various types of planes were based during Benghazi and the author of the post also seems to not know.   Thus, the tables in the air asset post are based on public information, but you can draw logical conclusions from the data.


First, an F-16 from Aviano, Italy takes 1 hour, ten minutes to arrive over Benghazi, not two hours.


Second, an F-18 (usually carried-based, but operates out of land bases also) takes 55 minutes to arrive over Benghazi from Aviano, Italy.


Sigonella, Italy is closer:  F-18  25 minutes;  F-16  35 minutes.


Perhaps Souda, Greece:   F-18    20 minutes; F-16   25 minutes.


Eskisehir, Turkey:  F-18   45 minutes; F-16   55 minutes


Carrier-based, Western Mediterranean:   F-18  1 hour


Carrier-based, Eastern Mediterranean:  F-18  45 minutes.


Let’s be fair with these estimates.  Add one hour for preparation—fueling, rounding up the pilots and so forth.  With preparation time added, arrival times are one and a half hours (more or less) from Sigonella, Italy and two hours (more or less) from the rest of the bases listed above.


Now for the tankers.  Does anyone believe we had no tankers out of Qatar or Spain that could respond to an emergency?  Anyone who says this is a liar.


For tanker background there are three public documents that might be helpful.  See pages 10 and 17.   This is an excellent overall description of tanker capabilities.   Unless many tankers have crashed or have been taken out of service, we have plenty of tankers for the type of mission Benghazi required.


There are too many nice sounding excuses for not sending ground forces.  There are no excuses for not sending air power.


I believe the next people to be blamed will be pilots.  The bureaucrats and the politicians will tell us that Navy and Air Force pilots mostly s
it around, drink adult beverages, and chase the opposite sex.  Pilots could be the ultimate goats.  If those irresponsible pilots had just not partied so hard there could have been a response.  Yup.


How far will those in charge scramble for scapegoats?


Perhaps the mechanics can also be blamed.  They either did not maintain the planes or failed to show up for fueling duty.


How far down in the bureaucracy of the services or the government do will those in charge have to burrow to target someone so helpless that they cannot respond? 


How many sacrifices are leaders willing to make so they appear to be blameless? 


How ambitious does a leader have to be, to tell lies and sacrifice the innocent?


The public data are there.  Are we willing to look?  Add an hour to cruising times to be realistic and fair.


Anyone stating that air power could not have responded to Benghazi is a liar. 

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Benghazi Hypocrisy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 is supposedly a banner day as whistleblowers come forward to tell the story of what happened on the ground in Benghazi.




Let’s review the hypocritical behavior of our leaders, Republican and Democrat on the Benghazi issue.


Hillary Clinton.  Secretary Clinton was AWOL during and before the Benghazi killings.  She might have been the boss, but she blamed security failures on ‘security professionals’.





Leon Panetta.  Secretary Panetta purposefully misled the Senate committee that produced the report “Flashing Red” (




Mr. Panetta claimed they didn’t have enough intelligence to respond.  With 24 CIA agents on the ground?  Response was a matter of time and distance?  Read the article on Benghazi Air Assets.




Mr. Panetta tap danced on all questions.  He had the resources and those resources had plenty of time to respond.  I repeat that Mr. Panetta should be prosecuted for lying to Congress.  Of course he resigned rather than face additional questions about Benghazi.


Please do not write a book Mr. Panetta.  Who would believe you?



General Dempsey.  General Dempsey is a better tap dancer than Mr. Panetta.  Dempsey knew the facts and what assets he had available, yet he answered questions in an obtuse way designed to mislead.  


General Dempsey sold out four Americans for his position as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 


General Dempsey should resign immediately, but he will continue, of course, giving self-serving and dishonest answers while the people he sacrificed grow cold. 

Is this how the Officers of the American Military behave?  They leave Americans requesting help to their deaths?  Is this current behavior starting with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? 


Read the account of Sergeant Dakota Meyer.




Sergeant Meyer disobeyed orders to go to the aid of his fellow marines.  


 The officers who gave those orders were reprimanded.  They should have been cashiered.


 Apparently, General Dempsey’s ambition overcame what the General knew to be his duty to his fellow Americans.


 Shame on you General Dempsey.  Do all Americans a favor and resign.  You are a disgrace.



Senator McCain.  Senator McCain made an interesting statement on Fox News which I paraphrase here.


                   “The Senate has not been very active on the Benghazi situation.”


The translation of this disingenuous statement is:


                        “The Senate has done nothing on the Benghazi situation.”


Senator McCain has been the vocal leader of the U. S. Senate on Benghazi.  He has been particularly effective at questioning nothing and of saying nothing. 


Senator McCain, of all people, should have understood the air assets available and he should have called out Panetta and Dempsey.  Instead, Senator McCain holds hands with Panetta, Dempsey, Clinton and the news media on Benghazi.  For example, McCain continues to talk about two attacks when he knows there were three attacks—one on the consulate and two on the CIA annex (safe house).  He continues to ignore the air assets available and to whine about altered talking points.


Senator, I suggest you ‘man-up’ and start telling the American public the truth about Benghazi, particularly about the availability of air assets.  It is my understanding that the CIA agents on the ground gave the equivalent of a  ‘Broken Arrow’ plea which should have released all air assets to their support.


Someone ordered that nothing be done.


Who gave that order Senator McCain?  You have decided to play it safe.  Why?



Sharyl Attkisson,  CBS News.  According to Breitbart, Ms. Attkisson feels all alone in pursuing the Benghazi story.


I give Ms. Attkisson her due.  At least she submitted freedom of information requests.  Americans need the answers from a news standpoint.  Four Americans killed.  Why was security pulled back?  Why was there no rescue attempt?   Why were military resources not made available?  The administration knew all along this was a terrorist attack.  And so forth and so on. 


Ms. Attkisson was told by the administration:  “There will be no more answers on Benghazi Goddamn it. (My emphasis).


Listen to the interview at the breitbart link above.  Ms. Attkisson is a standup person!


Thank you, Sharyl Attkisson, for attempting to get to the bottom of this story.  I thank you on behalf of four dead Americans and on behalf of their families.  Keep up the good work. 


That said, you are most alone in this quest. 


Too bad your colleagues in the news media are a gaggle of cowards.



Fox News.  The reporting on Benghazi by Fox News has been so shallow and shrill that I hardly know where to begin.  The reporters at Fox simply repeat the same story over and over and over.  It doesn’t change.  Who changed the talking points?  Where was President Obama in all of this? Blah, blah, blah.


Where are the investigative reporters on Fox News?


Apparently Fox News has no analysts, no help, can’t read or maybe they really don’t give a damn.  Read the Flashing Red report,  Fox News.  Much of the background is there.


Fox News, when will you ask one of your guests a hard question?  When will you make someone uncomfortable to get to the truth about Benghazi?


Perhaps Fox News has difficulty with common logic, common sense. 


Fox News, collect the information and draw your conclusions, but stop whining.  Show some courage!



Whistleblowers.  Based on the information being leaked, I predict that the whistleblowers will be a non-event, at least the first time.  Of course, they will say they were cut out of the event, that Ms. Clinton and others made the decision to give no help to Americans in trouble.  They will also claim that the assets were available to help those Americans.


I know this because the denials have already begun from President Obama’s bureaucratic flunkies.



Predictions.  That said, I predict the hearing on Wednesday May 8, 2013 will concentrate on the Seals, the Marines, the Airborne ready teams, the FAST teams, and they will ignore the air power that was not only available, but eager to help in this fight.


Here are a few questions that will be ignored.


How is it that a few volunteers could go from the annex to the consulate, have a short firefight with the terrorists and return to the annex without a casualty?


How is it that the second, one hour firefight at the annex resulted in no casualties according to current information?


How is it that third attack, lasting only 12 minutes, appears to have been primarily a mortar attack?  That is, where was the firefight?  Apparently the CIA and Department of State personnel were quite adequately defending themselves so the terrorists backed off and sent the mortars.  Two Americans died in this last attack.  How many attackers were there actually?


How is it that approximately 34 minutes after the third attack ended, fifty Libyan vehicles showed up to transport everyone to the airport?  Where were the attackers—this large group of terrorists—when the vehicles arrived?


What was actually behind this entire incident from the terrorist’s perspective? 


The most important question will not be answered on Wednesday.


Who gave the order to send fellow Americans to their deaths when salvation was available?