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U.S. high court topples controversial mercury pollution regulations

by Marianne Lavelle,  Science Insider

Long-delayed action on the health risks of mercury produced by U.S. coal power plants will have to wait even longer, as the Supreme Court decided today that federal authorities failed to properly weigh the benefits of regulation against the costs. Continue reading

Trans Fats to Be Illegal

by James Hamblin,  The Atlantic

For years, granola bars were like balsa wood. They could be instruments of blunt force trauma. I’m not certain, but I believe several people were killed when they tripped and were impaled by granola bars. Continue reading

Trans Fixed

by Gavin McInnes,  Taki’s Magazine

In the article that shut down my life, “Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural,” I likened sex-change surgery to self-mutilation. Continue reading

Potent Pesticide Still Used at Levels That Defy Scientists’ Warnings

by Andrew Donohue and Bernice Yeung,  Truthout

California continues to allow one of agriculture’s most popular and potent chemicals to be used under rules its own toxicologists have said aren’t scientifically sound. Continue reading

For-profit hospitals mark up prices by more than 1,000 percent because there’s nothing to stop them

by Wendell Potter, The Center for Public Integrity

If you think costs would come down if hospitals were all owned and operated by big for-profit corporations like Hospital Corporation of America, you might want to take a look at a study published last week by the journal Health Affairs. Continue reading

Why Prescription Drugs Are Ridiculously Expensive

by Bloomberg

Drug spending in the U.S. totaled $330 billion in 2013, according to one estimate. Continue reading

SF gentrification pushes lower-income residents into radioactive areas

by Toshio Meronek,  AlJazeera

The Hunters Point Shipyard and its annex at Treasure Island were once used to clean boats returning from nuclear-weapons testing in the Pacific. Continue reading

America not ready for a bioterror attack: Experts

by Robert King,  Washington Examiner

A mistaken shipment of live anthrax may be the tip of the iceberg, as a panel of experts found the U.S. is not prepared for a large-scale chemical attack. Continue reading

4 common mistakes made about Caitlyn Jenner and transgender people

by German Lopez,  Vox

Should you refer to Caitlyn Jenner as “he” or “she”? Did Jenner “become” a woman? Continue reading

The best health care system in the world? Nonsense!

by Wendell Potter,  The Center for Public Integrity

Americans spend more per capita on health care than people anywhere else in the world, yet outcomes in every other developed country are better on almost every measure, from infant mortality to life expectancy. Continue reading