Pam Geller: ‘Devout savages’ at war with U.S.

by Gina Loudon,  WND


In an exclusive statement to WND, Pamela Geller has a message for Americans about the latest threat against her by the terror group ISIS.

Minneapolis Muslims Pine for Sharia Law, Condemn Freedom of Speech

by Walter Hudson, PJ Media

Not long ago, six men from a Muslim Somali community in Minneapolis were arrested for attempting to leave the country and join ISIS as terror fighters. Continue reading

John Bolton underestimates Obama

by Carol Brown,  American Thinker

On Fox News Sunday, John Bolton said we’re losing the war against ISIS because the Obama administration is “blinded by their own ideology.” Continue reading

Why I love ‘hate speech’

by Mallory Millett,  American Thinker

I love Pamela Geller.  I have known and loved her for years.  She is a great American!  Continue reading

British Bomber Jailed for Life for Murder of U.S. Sergeant in Iraq

by Beitbart News

A London taxi driver, convicted of making bombs which were used against U.S. forces in Iraq, one of which killed a U.S. sergeant, was jailed for life on Friday and told he would spend at least 38 years behind bars. Continue reading

Pamela Geller and the hijacking of America

by Larissa Scott, American Thinker

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I couldn’t help thinking, I could have been a passenger on one of those planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. Continue reading

A Response to Kathleen Parker

by Catherine Tuilerie, Mountain Finch Post Staff

On May 12, 2015 Kathleen Parker, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, published a column entitled ‘Abusing Freedom of Speech Rights’. This column was carried in many newspapers, local and national.
I respond to this column. Continue reading

False Muslim Arguments.

by Robert Cofresi, Mountain Finch Staff

Mountain Finch Post posted an article by Stephen Schwartz from American Thinker: “Don’t Believe the Hype about Zaytuna College’.

We received a comment from Rahma Karima sisterrahma35@ on 4/30/2015. After reading the comment I decided that a reply was necessary. Continue reading

The Real Story of Benghazi

by Michael Morell,  Politico

On September 11, 2012, I was in Amman, Jordan, part of my routine international visits as deputy director of the CIA. Continue reading

Jihad Watch: The most attacked site on the Internet

by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

Daniel Cid, the Chief Technical Officer of the web security firm Sucuri, has informed me that of the thousands of websites his company protects, including sites much bigger than this one, Jihad Watch is by far the most frequently attacked: Continue reading