Trans Fixed

by Gavin McInnes,  Taki’s Magazine

In the article that shut down my life, “Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural,” I likened sex-change surgery to self-mutilation. As the mob chased me through the village with their torches, I yelled back, “They have BIID!” (body integrity identity disorder), referring to nutbars who have decided they don’t want their limbs. This sentiment was scoffed at and trampled underfoot but the logic is inescapable and so, 10 months later, here we are. The mob has picked up this idea, dusted it off, and proudly named it “transabled.” That’s right, correctly assigning your body the gender you feel it should be is the same as people who chop their legs off, and there’s nothing wrong with that. “Society needs to appreciate that…it isn’t beyond the pale to allow people to align their body with how they feel they ought to,” says Dr. Clive Baldwin about BIIDs. Alexandre Baril, an “academic” who looks like an intern at a tech start-up, is presenting their case at Ottawa University’s Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities this week. Read the entire article.

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