The Mirage of the USA Freedom Act Protecting American’s 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights

by Dave LefCourt, OpEdNews

If anyone believes this new “USA Freedom Act”, just signed into law by President Obama who said, “enactment of this legislation will strengthen civil liberty safeguards and provide greater public confidence in these programs”- which prohibits the NSA from bulk collection of American’s phone records whose storage now shifts to the phone companies-is somehow going to curtail the illegal surveillance activities of the “agency” is in la la land. It’s all a mirage.

Oh sure, now the government must petition a special federal court to get permission to search the phone records, but if the FISA ,Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is any guide-which except in a few rare instances has always granted the government the authority to conduct surveillance on anyone it requests-the NSA will get all the phone records it requests.

No doubt, Edward Snowden’s revelations of the NSA’s illegal collection of the electronic communications of everyone was the catalyst for this Freedom Act “reform” measure but it won’t curtail the Orwellian dystopia of government snooping on Americans.  Read the entire story.

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