Why is the GOP Willing to Let President Obama Amend the Constitution?

by E. David Ferriman,  OpEdNews

Late last Friday, the Senate voted to give President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), passing the bill 62 to 37. The majority of Republicans voted in favor, the bulk of the “Nays” came from the president’s own party.

I have been a part of a team going to Washington DC every other week all year, talking to Republicans in the House. So far, it looks like TPA will not pass the House thanks to Democrats and Tea Party members that understand what the stakes are — at least from their own points of view. Democrats have been heard this tune before and do not want to be fooled again. Meanwhile, many in the Tea Party are for so-called “free trade,” but they are not willing to pass such agreements at the expense of the Constitution.

There are three ways our Founding Fathers designed our government to allow for amending the Constitution, all in ways to create a balance of power. Article V gives power to Congress by a vote of two thirds from both Houses. It also allows for two thirds of the States to call for a Convention for proposing Amendments.  Read the entire story.

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