Why every CEO should watch the Bruce Jenner interview

by Trey Ditto, CNBC

From tech start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to even presidential candidates, anyone in a position that involves talking to the media could learn some valuable lessons from Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer.

While Jenner’s confession that he is transitioning to become a woman was not surprising to those who follow the Kardashians and keep tabs on entertainment news, what was amazing was how moving, touching and affirming the interview was. This was no accident though, as Jenner had a message and knew exactly how to deliver it — no doubt through media training, mock interviews and careful management of the parameters of the interview by his PR people.

The first thing you notice in the interview is how he is dressed and his demeanor. Casually but appropriately dressed, the untucked button down shirt set a relaxing, conversational tone. At times, Jenner calmly sat back, not slouchy or because he was tired, but to show he was very comfortable talking about what could be an uncomfortable topic. Even the interview setting — a large white leather couch — set a tone for a conversation not an “interview.”

Read the entire story.

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