Fat Cat de Blasio vs. New York’s Poor and Middle Class

by Nick Gillespie,  The Daily Beast

So it turns out that, despite his ritual incantations that he is just one more barely-getting-by middle-class New Yorker who knows what it’s like to choose between rent, food, and a share in a Fire Island summer rental, Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing OK when it comes to making his monthly nut. In fact, he’s doing way better than OK: According to tax records his office allowed reporters to peek at recently, he and his wife pulled in $217,656 in income last year, plus another $65,000 in rent from their Brooklyn residence and a home owned by his late mother.

Sure, de Blasio is a pauper by the standards of his billionaire predecessor Mike Bloomberg, and even those of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose household pulled in a fat $800,000 last year (and yet the Garden State capo swears he is “not a wealthy man”!). But de Blasio’s income, which is almost five times the median for New York City, vaults him easily into the top 10 percent of New York households. To most of us, he’s a rich son of a bitch.  Read the entire story.

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