Election 2016: How to filter politically sanctimonious Facebook posts from your news feed

by Jason Perlow,  ZDNet

I love my Facebook friends. I do, I really do. Many of my Facebook friends are people who I’ve had real or virtual relationships with for over a decade, some even much longer.

But just because I am friends with many people and we have common interests doesn’t mean we agree on everything. And nothing gets more contentious on Facebook than when you start seeing endless streams of stuff — be it rants or pictures — that you don’t agree with, or even worse makes your blood pressure rise to dangerous levels or just plain upsets you.

The political situation right now in the United States is incredibly divisive, and I’ve seen people lose real friendships over political discussions. In fact, it happened to me during the previous election cycle.

A friend who I would consider a very close acquaintance of over ten years — who my wife and I have dined with on many occasions, and have several mutual friends with — “defriended” me on Facebook and won’t even correspond with me over email because I told him I would vote for a different political candidate than he would.  Read the entire story.


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