Environmentalism and Envy

by Norman Rogers,  American Thinker

Envy is among the least admirable of human emotions. It is not an emotion that we publicly acknowledge or often even acknowledge privately to ourselves. Entire ideological movements are based on envy, Marxism being the prime example. The obsession with inequality and the putting forth of schemes for correcting the supposed inequality problem is an obsession of the left. The left’s scheme is always to bring down the high-flying objects of envy, usually by means of taxation or by outlawing the pleasures enjoyed by the social classes envied.

Ironically, the persons envied often join in the schemes directed against themselves. Warren Buffet, a billionaire many times over, advocates higher taxation of the rich. Richard Branson, the owner of an airline that gulps jet fuel by the tanker load, whines about global warming and implicitly the need to restrict the use of fossil fuels.  Read the entire story.


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