A hot water issue in the California drought discussion

by Travis Allen,  American Thinker

The California governor’s recent proclamation that Californians must cut water usage by 25% certainly caught the attention of Californians and pundits nationwide. Featuring threats of fines of up to $500 per day, and even restrictions on personal shower habits, Governor Brown wasted little time getting right to class warfare over our green lawns.  Unfortunately, he and the ruling Democratic Party once again resorted to draconian rationing measures and heavy-handed fees, while offering no leadership and no real solutions to California’s current water crisis.

While it is true that we are in a drought, the little-known fact outside Sacramento is that our water problems could be substantially eased if the governor and his Democratic Party chose to demonstrate real leadership on the issue.  The current water crisis has presented an opportunity for actual problem-solving, but if “what’s past is prologue,” what should we expect?  Solutions and leadership, or rhetoric and rationing?  History does not paint a hopeful picture.  Read the entire story.


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