Germanwings Co-Pilot Researched Suicide and Cockpit Doors Before Crash

by Patrick Donahue and Arne Delfs,  Bloomberg

The Germanwings co-pilot investigators believe purposely crashed a plane last week by locking out his captain from the flight deck had researched suicide methods and cockpit-door mechanics prior to the incident, prosecutors said.

Data retrieved from a tablet computer at the Dusseldorf home of Andreas Lubitz showed that he looked up the information in the days prior to the March 24 crash that killed all 150 people on the Airbus A320, the Dusseldorf prosecutors said in a statement today. Lubitz, 27, who had a sick notice for the day of the crash that he concealed from his employer, also looked for medical assistance on the device, the prosecutor said.

The latest findings support the suspicion that Lubitz willfully brought down the aircraft after denying his captain re-entry into the cockpit from a short toilet break while the plane was at cruising altitude. Since the crash, a picture has emerged of a young pilot who had battled depression and interrupted his flight training at Deutsche Lufthansa AG, only to be readmitted after medical experts found him fit to proceed.  Read the entire story.


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