Lawrence Wright on Scientology’s “broken community,” and the complicity of Tom Cruise and John Travolta

by Andrew O’Hehir,  Salon

Needless to say, the Church of Scientology and its secretive leader, David Miscavige, will not be overjoyed by Oscar-winner Alex Gibney’s explosive new documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.” But the film’s depiction of the celebrity-centric self-help sect…. as a micro-Stalinist police state — dogmatic, autocratic and plagued with internal violence and abuse – is only part of the problem. What may be even worse, from the church’s point of view, is that Gibney and his collaborator and central interviewee Lawrence Wright (who wrote the exhaustively researched nonfiction book on which the film is based) depict Scientology as declining and beset by crisis, for all its real estate wealth and reflected Hollywood glamor.  Read the entire story.

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