Rot Springs Eternal

by John Derbyshire,  Taki’s Magazine

Local headlines here in New York State recently have been dominated by corruption in the state legislature. The speaker of the lower house, the State Assembly, has had to resign his position after being arrested last month on federal corruption charges.

The arrest was deeply unsurprising. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was known for years to have been taking a retainer from the personal-injury law firm Weitz & Luxenberg, big names in the asbestos litigation business. No one knew the size of the retainer; but the speaker controls what legislation comes up before the Assembly, and—surprise!—tort reform was never on the docket.

We didn’t know the half of it. Silver’s been running a real-estate scam too, and packed state court judgeships with his placemen. This guy is a major player, a brilliant gamer of both the legislative and judicial systems governing the lives of 20 million people. He’s not the only one…Read the entire story.


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