Sharia UK: Police sought names of people who bought Charlie Hebdo

by Robert Spencer,  Jihad Watch

They apologized, but only because they were caught. Their explanation doesn’t make any sense: “Following the terrorism incident in Paris, France on 7 January 2015, Wiltshire police undertook an assessment of community tensions across the county. As part of this work, local sector policing teams were asked to be mindful of business premises, in particular newsagents who may be distributing the Charlie Hebdo magazine and to consider that these shops may be vulnerable.” How does getting the names of those who bought Charlie Hebdo make newsagents less vulnerable? Were British authorities intending to provide protection to the individuals who bought the magazine? That would be the only way the request for their names could make sense in terms of protecting the public, but they don’t say anything about any such plan. Also, if this were all about protecting the public, why did they apologize at all?

That leaves only one other possible explanation: the police sought the names of those who bought Charlie Hebdo intending to target them in some way — place them on a list of potential “Islamophobes,” or put them under surveillance, or do something, whatever it may have been, to harass them for exercising their freedom of speech in a way that offended Muslims. Read the entire story.

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