A wolf in sheep’s clothing

by Robert Spencer,  Jihad Watch

If an ideology is peaceful, then its most literalist or fundamentalist adherents too would be peaceful. In the case of Islam, let alone Al Qaeda or ISIS, what the governments of Iran or Saudi Arabia do is plain for all to see. In Saudi Arabia they publicly behead people for even drug trafficking, and in Iran they hang them to death for being homosexual. Many surveys also have shown that the majorities in countries like Egypt, Pakistan or Malaysia support the death penalty for blasphemy.

So what should a Muslim who claims to be a moderate or tolerant and is concerned about the image of Islam do? Perhaps challenge those who kill in the name of Islam? Perhaps try to convince other Muslims that these violent interpretations are not really what Islam preaches?

What some of them do instead is cover up these truths and lie about them. I suspect this is for the purpose of proselytizing and making the image of Islam palatable to a Western audience. Read the entire story.

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