5 Million Job Openings, So Why Can’t You Get Hired?

by Mike Cassidy,  The Fiscal Times

f you’re looking for a job, I have some good news. You have 5 million to choose from. That’s right. America currently has 5 million vacancies waiting to be filled. 

That’s more job openings than we’ve had at any time since 2001. It’s even true in proportional terms: If we account for population growth and express vacancies as a share of the labor force, the current job openings rate of 3.2 percent is still at a post-2001 high. It’s a pretty good time to be a job seeker. Or at least it could be — if you know where to look for jobs and you have the skills employers are seeking.

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So where are these 5 million jobs hiding? And, more to the point, why haven’t you heard more about this bounty of opportunities? The answer, it turns out, has everything to do with a little-discussed bias in popular conversations about the labor market.  Read the entire story.


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