The New Privileged Class: Illegal Immigrants

by Michael Bargo Jr.,  American Thinker

The belief is widely held that those who are wealthy or possess great political power are above the law and do not have to respond to the legal constraints endured by the great masses of Americans.   Those on the left who profess to support the poor and middle classes are quick to point out that the wealthy class can afford to have better access to the legal system.  They can afford the best lawyers and rarely receive lengthy prison sentences.

The other social class that enjoys privilege is the political class.  They too can often find themselves given better treatment by the court system.  For example, the nephew of Chicago’s Mayor Daley II was involved in a fight outside a bar.  A person he struck fell, hit his head, and died.  While it appeared that the death was accidental, a Court trial was avoided for ten years because the Court somehow “lost” the Court file.  So the Mayor’s nephew avoided prosecution.

Read the entire story.


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