Government Ends Threat to Jail James Risen but Danger to Journalists and Whistleblowers Remains

by Joan Brunwasser,  OpEdNews

For seven years now, the Justice Department has served the Bush and Obama administrations with a series of subpoenas insisting that Risen do what he wisely refuses to do, which is to provide testimony on whether the former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling was a source for a chapter in Risen’s 2006 book State of War. The chapter was about a stupid and dangerous CIA operation that provided flawed nuclear weapon blueprints to the Iranian government way back in 2000. In essence, the subpoenas have amounted to protracted and intensive retaliation against Risen’s tough reporting on the CIA and other arms of the so-called “national security” state.

Risen has made himself distinctly unpopular in the upper reaches of the CIA and the NSA for most of the 21st century — because he has covered those agencies with dogged integrity as an investigative journalist. He’s one of the few reporters for a large influential U.S. media outlet who is so resolute and unyielding, and he has developed some very good sources. The results have been many stories that infuriated people in high Washington places. Read the entire story.

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