Sony hack got your worried? Here are some cyber safety tips

by Brad Knickerbocker,  The Christian Science Monitor

You may be thinking, “If they can break into Sony’s corporate computers, can they do it to me?”

Not that North Korea – the prime suspect in Sony’s hugely embarrassing and very costly computer breach – has much interest in your Gmail account or Facebook natterings. But for profit or fun, somebody may be poking around your private info, looking for vulnerabilities.

According to the non-profit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, more than 931 million records have been breached since 2005, 66 million so far this year.

Speaking on CCTV News recently, cyber security expert Gary Miliefsky said this: “We’re trading convenience for privacy and security. Every mobile device, every smartphone, every tablet is a doorway either into your bank account, credit card, or your identity. And as a result, the hackers have so many new ways in it’s a feeding frenzy for cyber criminals this year.”  Read the entire story.

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