Networks Dodge News Judge Has Ruled Parts of Obama’s Executive Amnesty Unconstitutional

by Curtis Houck,  Media Research Center

A federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled on Tuesday that portions of President Barack Obama’s presidential action on immigration were unconstitutional as “Congress’s lawmaking power is not subject to presidential supervision or control” and that “congressional inaction does not endow legislative power with the executive.”

However, if you tuned into any of the Tuesday evening newscasts on the major broadcast networks, you would not have found any mention of the decision.

Over on the Fox News Channel (FNC), Special Report with Bret Baier led off on Tuesday evening with the story and a full report from FNC correspondent Shannon Bream. In a segment lasting just over two minutes, Bream summarized how the Judge Arthur Schwab came to his ruling, as well as including response from the Justice Department (which, not surprisingly, blasted the decision).

Bream reported how Schwab found that “the President’s executive actions regarding immigration exceeded his constitutional authority” and included in his decision excerpts from “the President’s own speeches and remarks on that issue.”  Read the entire story.

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