Harry Reid’s new mission: Blocking ‘crazy stuff’

by Manu Raju,  Politico

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has had one of the hardest jobs in Washington for the past six years as he battled Republicans, struggled to keep his party in power and worked to advance President Barack Obama’s agenda.

Now it’s bound to get even more complicated.

As Reid heads for the minority, his caucus is divided between moderates and a rising progressive wing. His likely successor is waiting in the wings. The White House could cut deals with Republicans without him. And all the while, he’ll be fighting for his life back home in a potentially brutal reelection race.

In a wide-ranging interview with POLITICO, one of his first since the elections this fall, a defiant Reid showed his cards on the incredible losses his party suffered — he blames the rollout of the health care law — on his future — he’s hiring staff for his next campaign already — on how he plans to operate in the new world order — ready to take on Republicans when necessary but accepts that the White House may work with his rival Mitch McConnell, whether he likes it or not.  Read the entire story.


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