Reports Accuse ISIS of Funding Itself with Organs Reaped from Dead Jihadis

by Frances Martel,  Breitbart

Numerous reports have surfaced that, in addition to selling oil and Yazidi sex slaves on the black market, the Islamic State terrorist group has begun selling the organs of young, dead Jihadis and assorted captives to generate more income for weapons.

While none of the reports have been confirmed by mainstream news outlets, and most are the product of claims by secret “sources” within Iraq, their claims are frightening and in line with much of the Islamic State’s behavior. The International Business Times reports that the organ harvesting ring is reportedly being run out of Mosul, where ISIS run the local hospital and many reports confirm they force doctors there to practice on wounded jihadists and Yazidi women who the group hopes to sell or marry off, but have been “damaged” during capture.  Read the entire story.

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