Chuck Todd on Obamacare: ‘This Bill Is a Mess’

by Nicholas Ballasy,  PJ Media

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd said President Obama has not formed relationships with any Republicans in Congress since he took office in 2010, which has contributed to the stalemate in Washington now.

“I can’t tell you how many interviews with people that no matter how loyal they were to President Obama would all come and say to me it’s amazing how much he does not like politics,” Todd said during a discussion about his book, The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House, at Politics and Prose.

“He loves campaigning. Campaign politics is one thing. Trust me, I love covering campaigns too. You know what I hate covering? Congress, right? And guess what he doesn’t like dealing with, right? The politics of Congress. And I always say this about the president: he has a very rational view about all this. He has a very rational view about politics. He thinks it’s sort of silly, the theatrics you have to go through,” he added.

Todd said Obama and the White House staff have a “lack of connectivity with Capitol Hill.” Todd cited George W. Bush as an example of a president who “went out of his way” to find a group of five Democratic senators to support items on his agenda.  Read the entire story.

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