If Amnesty is not stopped the Republican Party and America are over

Josh Bernstein,  Right Wing News

Now that justice has been served in Ferguson Americans can refocus their attention on the real issue at hand. That is that America is on the brink of becoming a dictatorship.

America is no longer governed by the three branches of government. We no longer have the checks and balances that are required in the Constitution, and quite frankly, the Constitution has been raped and pillaged so much that it doesn’t matter much either, at least not to the President. America is now being ruled, not run by a probable Muslim dictator named Barack Hussein Obama. This is the same type of dictator that Americans have fought and died on distant seas and on foreign lands fighting against.

From the moment this diabolical Anti-American first took office he has had one goal. That goal has been to fundamentally transform America into a third world nation and destroy American exceptionalism in the process. The President would like to see America resemble something more recognizable like his probable home countries of Kenya or Indonesia.

Make no mistake about it, our President distrusts White Americans at the least or hates them at the most. This could not have been more evident in his absolute disappointment in the Michael Brown verdict. The President’s hatred for American exceptionalism is so strong that he is willing to do anything he can to change America demographically. This is why he has chosen to illegally make illegal aliens citizens.

But who is to blame here? Is it the lying, low life, probable Muslim in the White House? Or is it the weak, timid, Republican Party in Washington who are so afraid of the President and the race card that they refuse to stop him?

I believe it is both however I blame the Republicans more. They created the environment for which this President has operated in. They allowed this President to take the bold and illegal steps he has taken by not holding him accountable on his actions. They did nothing on Fast and Furious. They did nothing on Benghazi. They did nothing on Lois “the liar” Lerner. They did nothing on the Bergdahl-Gitmo Terrorist release. They did nothing on the NSA. They did nothing on the Associated Press, or any of the other litanies of scandals.

So why now would the left suddenly fear the Republicans? And more importantly, why would the President suddenly fear Republicans? The answer is they don’t. The President even has challenged lawmakers on several occasions to stop him. The President is acting like the bully on the playground who keeps stealing the lunch money and the Republicans are the wimpy kid who cries and complains but never fights back. If you don’t fight back how can you expect it to stop?

The left needs a good swift political punch in the face and the President needs to be hit over the head with a political sledgehammer. That sledgehammer is Articles of Impeachment. The President must be impeached. It is not a matter of debate. What he has done clearly is in direct violation of our Constitution. He should also be tried for treason, thrown in jail, and possibly even hung.

The Constitution Article 1, Section 1 clearly states “all legislative powers here in granted are to be vested in the Congress, which shall consist of the United States Senate and The House of Representatives.” One of the legislative powers granted to Congress is to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization throughout these United States.”

So if Republicans and for that matter Americans believe that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land why is it even a question in regards to his impeachment? Impeachment is not a punishment. Impeachment is a remedy.

So my question to all Americans is why then if the President is in clear violation of the Constitution is he not being impeached? The answer I believe is simple but also complex. Republican leadership in the House secretly wants Amnesty. They may talk tough on the outside and in front of the cameras but inside negotiations they see Amnesty as one less issue they need to fight. This is the wrong approach. They also think that if the President was impeached that somehow all hell would break loose and the rioting and violence would be worse than Ferguson.

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