Google’s Nanoparticle Diagnostic Vision

by Carmen Drahl,  Chemical & Engineering News
When the Internet impresarios at Google speak, the world listens. So the usual hoopla ensued last month when Google announced its latest ambition: to develop nanoparticle diagnostics paired with a wearable detector. One interview even brought up the tricorder, the fictional diagnostic device from “Star Trek.”
Diagnostic development doesn’t happen at warp speed. Experts say Google hasn’t revealed enough information to know what if anything sets it apart from myriad competitors. Even if Google’s ideas survive the years-long development gauntlet, they add, the technology faces societal hurdles to adoption.
“Imagine you want to explore Parisian culture, and you do it by flying a helicopter over Paris once a year,” said Andrew Conrad, head of life sciences at the company’s semicovert Google X laboratories, while announcing the project at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live conference on Oct. 28. “That’s what doctors do now” with annual screening, he said. Read the entire story.

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