Confessions of a smartphone thief

by Richard Nieva,  CNET

Every smartphone Greg stole was an iPhone. The 19-year-old snatched five in all, once picking up two in a day.

His last grab, in a sleepy San Francisco neighborhood near the city’s coastline in May 2013, was a bust — in more ways than one. He thought he was going after an iPhone 5, Apple’s newest model at the time. He ended up with the iPhone 4, which fetches half the amount on the black market. The pull landed him a disappointing $100 and a trip to juvenile hall — his first time being caught for smartphone theft.

At the detention center, the staff wasn’t surprised by his crime. “When you get to booking, that’s one of the first things they ask you: ‘A cell phone, right?'” says Greg, not his real name.  Read the entire story.

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