The Enduring Allure of Badly Behaved Men—and What It Means for Women

by Emily Witt,  Pacific Standard

The end of male privilege, we are told, has arrived. In books and articles familiar to readers of “ideas” publications like the Atlantic and Slate, writers (mostly, but not exclusively, women, such as Hanna Rosin) have heralded an era in which men are superfluous both in the workforce and at home, and women are the primary beneficiaries and drivers of the post-industrial economy. We’ll have more stay-at-home dads and more female managers, and women will be grateful—even if the effects of these changes aren’t immediately pleasing. The women I know read end-of-men articles avidly to seek insight into their professional and romantic disappointments. The articles generally try to recast these as stories of womanly triumph, brought on by too much success or achievement rather than a mere leveling of the scales. But when it comes to discussing the realms where men were the traditional “deciders,” the discourse tends to devolve into complaints about male laziness, recalcitrance, and sexual misbehavior, evincing a strange nostalgia for the old gender roles without offering a vision of anything new.  Read the entire story.

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