The Great Escape Business

by Erika Fry,  Fortune

It’s a big and unpredictable world out there—and more and more often multinationals are doing business in the most remote and risky parts of it. This year, the advance of ISIS, Ebola, an on-and-off again war in Ukraine, and a coup in Burkina Faso, among other crises, have sent overseas employees scrambling for the borders. What’s a big corporation to do when staff in its far-flung offices need to get out of Dodge—often while curfews, martial law, road closures, armed rebels and sundry other unforeseen challenges conspire against them?

Ideally, this is not the moment to think fast, but to fall back on one’s rigorously tested emergency response and evacuation plans. For dreaming up and executing these complicated logistical operations, there’s the flourishing multibillion-dollar travel risk management industry.  Read the entire story.

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