Jonathan Gruber and Barack Obama’s University Transcripts

by Jason Kissner,  American Thinker

Democratic policy star, Ivy League elitist, and ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber thinks Americans are too stupid to understand the “Cadillac Tax” and much else besides.

Given that Obama decreed that ObamaCare was to be constructed by Gruber, who has said on several occasions (e.g., here) that the people who have been impacted are dumb, shouldn’t Obama, and his Democratic supporters, be willing to demonstrate to the “dummies” just how smart Obama is?

It’s not very gentlemanly to form your namesake policy together with a guy who’s wont to call everybody else stupid, when, at the same time, you’ve refused to reveal academic data other presidents (even those with bad grades) have willingly disclosed.  Read the entire story.


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