Lena Dunham, Sexual Predator? Or Just Really Weird?

by Cathy Young,  Reason

I’m happy to say I have never seen an episode of Girls, Lena Dunham’s HBO show which sounds like a younger and grubbier version of Sex and the City; but it’s almost impossible to follow the modern cultural scene, especially its feminist segments, and not run into Dunham all the time. Anointed as “the voice of a generation” by the elite media, whose ongoing love-affair with Dunham was documented in scary detail in The American Prospect last January, the 28-year-old writer/producer/actress has also been hailed as the voice of millennial-generation feminism. (Her political activism is best encapsulated by a 2012 Obama campaign ad directed at young women in which first-time voting is like sex and Obama is like an awesome boyfriend who cares about your problems and gives you stuff.)  Read the entire story.

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