A Dose of Climate Reality for Maine

by Sierra Rayne,  American Thinker

A recent article in The Boston Globe describes the impacts of climate change on Maine, where apparently “heat waves, more powerful storms, and rising seas are increasingly transforming” the state.

Heat waves?  That’s odd, since there has been no significant trend in the state’s average maximum temperature during the summer months since 1970.

Three NOAA-National Weather Service sub-regions exist in the state: the Bangor, Caribou, and Portland areas.  Since records began in 1875, there hasn’t been a hint of a trend in the number of days per year above 95º F in the Portland region.  The non-correlation is almost perfect, and it actually trends downward toward fewer hot days, not more.  Similarly, in both the Bangor and Caribou regions, no sign of increasing hot days, either.  Again, the correlations are negative toward fewer hot days, not upward.  Read the entire story.


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